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What You Need To Check After A Flood To Keep Your House Safe

Floods in San Francisco can prove to be potentially destructive to structures, like your house. SF Restoration has listed here some things you need to check immediately after a flood to keep your house safe from possible water damage and other concerns.

Furthermore, the safety of you and your family is beyond important, so bear all these safety precautions in mind as well so no casualties occur in the aftermath of a flood.

1. Before entering your house, make sure that all power lines are still intact. Unplug all electrical appliances to or turn off the main power switch to avoid electrocution.

2. Check your house for any foundation cracks, gas leaks, or water damage.

Make sure that your gas stoves are all free from gas leaks. In the event of some foundation cracks in your walls, vacate the room immediately, as this might be the sign of a structural collapse. If vacating the area is not possible, seek shelter underneath sturdy materials like tables.

For water damage, check the walls and ceilings for leaks or the buildup of nasty smells. If you spot any of these, this means that one of your pipes might be busted or damaged. Call SF Restoration right away so you can have them repaired or replaced.

3. If your basement has been flooded, make sure to call a restoration company such as SF Restoration to have it completely pumped free of water. Any stagnant water that remains can be the cause of floor cracks, mold formation, bacteria formation crumbling of walls and buckling of floors, and other difficulties.

4.Turn your water taps and faucets on to make sure that clean water still flows from them

If the water you see has turned into a dark, murky brown, sluggish gray, or is vaguely whitish, do not drink from any of your faucets. Do not use it for dishwashing as well. This is a sign that your pipes have been contaminated with dirty or even floodwater.

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