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Client Testimonials – San Francisco Restoration

“We were clearing out our basement to prepare for a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and were shocked to discover the walls from top to bottom were covered in thick black mold! We’d had a flood a couple of months back and hadn’t really thought much about water damage and flood damage, let alone the necessary water damages restoration that’s needed after such an event. Luckily, we called San Francisco Restoration who dealt with the mold so professionally – cleaning it, treating the areas and advising on ventilation and de-humidifying treatments. Thank you so much!” Hazel Mann

“I would like to say a special thank you to the wonderful team of water damage removal experts at San Francisco Restoration for helping to get rid of all of the water that remained inside my parents’ house after the fire last week. Thanks to their fast and efficient methods, we were able to restore many pieces of artwork and family heirlooms.” Stephen Beauchamp

“At first it was just a spot or two…then a patch of bathroom wall…But within 3 weeks, the entire guest bathroom was speckled with this yucky mold and mildew. I panicked, because my husband and I wanted to put the house on the market. Then he called San Francisco Restoration on the recommendation of a neighbor. The mold removal specialists were incredible and totally rid the bathroom of that mold. It’s been 3 weeks now and not a single spot has reappeared! There excellent mold removal and remediation is recommended! Ophelia Crossman

“The neighbors in the upstairs apartment had gone on holiday. Unfortunately, that was when their kitchen pipes decided to blow. Our ceilings quickly became like a water feature. I called San Francisco Restoration to assist with water removal and water damage repair, especially because of the electrical concerns and many expensive carpets we have in the apartment! Within 30 minutes of my call, a very professional and well-equipped team of flood damage technicians arrived and literally took care of everything. What a relief! Paula Smith