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How to Clean a Wet Basement

Basements can flood out within the blink of an eye. A powerful storm can cause tremendous amounts of water damage and flooding to your basement and home. Windows shatter due to the force of the winds, allowing the rainwater to pile up at a very fast rate. As bad as that sounds, it gets even worse when a sewage line is struck nearby. Raw filthy sewage can overflow like a stream and land directly in your basement. If you do spot any sewage, do not go anywhere near the areas. The cleanup process should always be left to the pros at this point.

The best remedy to a flooded basement is a water pump. The pump is used to suck up as much excess water from the room before being discarded outside. A trained restoration expert will dump the dirty water into the tank of the truck for full disposal. A wet vacuum with long range extension cord is then set up to suck up the remainder of the excess water. A giant air blower is then added to speed up the restoration. The basement must be disinfected once the final steps are over with.

As always, it’s imperative to reach out to a trusted provider the moment your basement begins to flood out. You can ask a friend or relative for a referral on a good flood damage remediation company. Chances are that they’ve most likely had a pleasant encounter with a service provider in the past and if so, they would be happy to pass along the details. Don’t forget to request a quote before the work begins. If a dispute should arise, you will have proof in writing.

SF Restoration Can Help Out

Water damage occurs when you least expect it. That’s why SF Restoration is on call 24/7. We have a wonderful group of seasoned professionals set up all across San Francisco to assist. We get to the scene very quickly to stop the flooding from overtaking the household. Our trained technicians will drop by your home in a flash to get things back to normal. Call us up today and leave the restoration to the pros!