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Calculating and Assessing the Water Damage Restoration Cost

Water damage can affect any homeowner at any given time. Water damage can also occur unexpectedly and from sources that might not be visible to the naked eye. Water damage also brings tremendous amounts of damage to your home. Cost to repair the water damage varies from the degree of damage caused. A small leak in a drainpipe will cost much less to restore than if your basement is completely flooded. Professional water damage restoration technicians must calculate and assess the damages before giving you a quote. A major determining price factor is the height of the water level, and the amount of excess water that needs to be extracted. Flooded basements could store several feet of water, which will bump up the cost significantly, since there is more water to extract. Always make sure you get a written quote from the company, in case any potential disputes arise.

The size of the affected area is measured in square feet, which gets tacked onto the final assessment statement. Use of commercial or industrial sized restoration equipment must also be factored in. A professional must assess the extent of the overall damage, with these determining factors before setting a final price. The type of water in which the technician will be draining out, greatly affects the overall cost. There are three categories of water, which are factored into the pricing equation by the water damage restoration technician:


  • Category 1 (Clean Water)
  • Clean water poses no health risks, and can mostly be attributed to a dripping faucet. Clean water is not contaminated as well.

  • Category 2 (Grey Water)
  • Grey water contains chemical or biological pollutants, which can be found in laundry water. Exposure to grey water may cause sickness or discomfort. Make sure you avoid any contact with grey water.

  • Category 3 (Black Water)
  • Black water is most commonly found in flood water and sewage water. Black water is extremely toxic, and can cause serious health problems, including cancer.

    Cost Efficient Water Damage Restoration Technicians

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