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Structural Restoration in San Francisco

There are many different construction issues that fall under the broad umbrella of structural restoration. For example, some buildings can have such extensive water damage that the foundation and structural support have rotted away. In cases like these buildings will need to be waterproofed. Part of structural restoration in this case includes repairing leaks in roofs, floors, foundations and more.

Structural Restoration and Concrete

People will need to have the problem completely assessed. They will need to know if a concrete crack is part of your building’s problem. It may be, but may not be as well. A structural restoration contractor should be able to tell you, and will be able to know if it’s an issue that can be repaired or not.

You may not need to replace the concrete if it can be repaired. In fact, with the help of a professional, you may be able to save yourself a lot of effort and money. If you do choose to go with a professional structural restoration company, you should always be certain that they understand the need ensure that the area to be repaired is correctly prepared. Most contractors don’t understand this need, and thus, the integrity of the repair is compromised.

Structural Restoration and Masonry

Some contractors that claim to be professionals end up scarring your masonry when conducting a structural restoration where masonry is involved. This is because these contractors use wire brushes, or they sandblast the masonry, which can cause irreversible damage. Some use chemicals as well that can discolor the masonry. Obviously, none of these practices are good for structural restoration.

We recommend that if you do need masonry work done as part of your structural restoration efforts, that you only work with professionals that understand the exact repair needs of your building. In addition, those professionals should be able to tell you prior to beginning work exactly what steps they will take, and how they will take them.